How I Tread the Line between PC and Mobile Gaming

The ongoing war between PC gamers and Console gamers has certainly been shaken up by the arrival of a third faction: Mobile gamers. Thanks to the popularity of Fornite and other ‘Battle Royale’ games, playing video games on a phone is an allure for most casual gamers to ascend to the ranks of fame only shown to most PC players.

While I don’t look for fame when I play, I’ve managed to avoid taking a side in this debate about which system is better by looking at the benefits the consoles and the games I play on them offer me. It’s kept me out of the war and helps me maximize my gaming time.

Amount of time spent

For me, I like my games to be complex, story-rich, and massive in both gameplay and scale. They need to engross me in the story, provide fun gameplay, and allow me a chance to escape the world for a while. However, these complex games are huge time sinks.

Often times I will spend three to five hours on a certain game, and not even notice the time until I look at my watch, and for me that’s okay. Once work is done then I can spend my time how I please. However, when I spend most of my time working or only have a few minutes between events, I turn to mobile games.

Checking my village at Clash of Clans or collecting my produce on Hay Day takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on the number of games I have to check (I’ve got about nine mobile games on my phone now) and still gives my brain the satisfaction that I ‘played a game’ without worrying about playing four hours

Entertainment value

Games for me are like meals. Sometimes I crave a fast meal that I can make in a hurry and at other times I want a rich time-consuming meal because I know it will taste good and fill me up. I can want a fast game one day and a slow game the next, and it just depends on my mood.

Sometimes I want a fast and easy victory that Boom Beach or Clash Royale can provide, and other times I crave the character-driven experiences of Skyrim or Mass Effect. With a foot in both camps, I can easily customize my gaming loadout to fulfill every single need that my gaming mind wants.

gamesTravel time!

Whenever I’m waiting for someone, in a long line, or somewhere that makes me uncomfortable, it’s a source of comfort to me that I can simply reach into my pocket and play a video game without having to uncouple or boot up a computer. I just tap the screen a few times and get there with no trouble.

Or if the wait is super long and the mobile games don’t pass the time, I can open a game like Civilization and simply click the time away.

Benefits of both

By being able to use both devices and having the benefits of constant access with mobile games, and the deep rewarding experiences of PC games, I know that I am a better gamer because of it and that no matter who wins the gaming war I’ll be able to survive and play on!