How I Tread the Line between PC and Mobile Gaming

The ongoing war between PC gamers and Console gamers has certainly been shaken up by the arrival of a third faction: Mobile gamers. Thanks to the popularity of Fornite and other ‘Battle Royale’ games, playing video games on a phone is an allure for most casual gamers to ascend to the ranks of fame only shown to most PC players.

While I don’t look for fame when I play, I’ve managed to avoid taking a side in this debate about which system is better by looking at the benefits the consoles and the games I play on them offer me. It’s kept me out of the war and helps me maximize my gaming time.

Amount of time spent

For me, I like my games to be complex, story-rich, and massive in both gameplay and scale. They need to engross me in the story, provide fun gameplay, and allow me a chance to escape the world for a while. However, these complex games are huge time sinks.

Often times I will spend three to five hours on a certain game, and not even notice the time until I look at my watch, and for me that’s okay. Once work is done then I can spend my time how I please. However, when I spend most of my time working or only have a few minutes between events, I turn to mobile games.

Checking my village at Clash of Clans or collecting my produce on Hay Day takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on the number of games I have to check (I’ve got about nine mobile games on my phone now) and still gives my brain the satisfaction that I ‘played a game’ without worrying about playing four hours

Entertainment value

Games for me are like meals. Sometimes I crave a fast meal that I can make in a hurry and at other times I want a rich time-consuming meal because I know it will taste good and fill me up. I can want a fast game one day and a slow game the next, and it just depends on my mood.

Sometimes I want a fast and easy victory that Boom Beach or Clash Royale can provide, and other times I crave the character-driven experiences of Skyrim or Mass Effect. With a foot in both camps, I can easily customize my gaming loadout to fulfill every single need that my gaming mind wants.

gamesTravel time!

Whenever I’m waiting for someone, in a long line, or somewhere that makes me uncomfortable, it’s a source of comfort to me that I can simply reach into my pocket and play a video game without having to uncouple or boot up a computer. I just tap the screen a few times and get there with no trouble.

Or if the wait is super long and the mobile games don’t pass the time, I can open a game like Civilization and simply click the time away.

Benefits of both

By being able to use both devices and having the benefits of constant access with mobile games, and the deep rewarding experiences of PC games, I know that I am a better gamer because of it and that no matter who wins the gaming war I’ll be able to survive and play on!

How I Became Who I Am By Playing Video Games!

As a hardcore PC gamer, I’ve heard the good and the bad benefits of gaming. Everything from telling a good story and enhancing muscle memory to rotting my brain or becoming more violent have all been tossed around not just at me but also at other gamers around the world.

While I understand the stigma around modern gaming, especially the calls that gaming causes violence with the various shootings that happen in the world, I believe that the benefits of PC gaming are far more beneficial than the bad stigma.


Working with my brain

Whether the game is a slow-paced strategy game or a fast-paced action clicker, I have had to use my brain and the mouse in tandem to complete my goals. I have to coordinate my character’s abilities, the objectives of the game, and the various sound and visual cues coming at me in a certain timeframe to win.

In addition, I’ve had to play several historical strategy games, and I love delving into the history behind the game and studying the tactics and methods of the armies I was playing/fighting against. Understanding the history helps me connect with the game and the characters, and even helps me in education by connecting the game to real-world events.

Working on social skills

Not just online MMO’s helped me out with my social skills, but single player dialogue trees helped me deal with the social skills of life. By looking at the various ‘good’ ‘bad’ and ‘neutral’ responses for friends, enemies, and lovers in single player games helped me understand what to say to friends, enemies, and lovers in real life. For a socially awkward teen, being able to have a cheat sheet of social phrases to base my own words off of really helped me out

Also, talking with friends and working with other players to solve a certain problem can foster casual and personal relationships, because nothing brought me closer to my battle group of six guys than when we slew the Lich King by playing off one another’s abilities. That tale is still told to this day!


Becoming mature

Nothing infuriates me, or other gamers, more than hearing young kids swearing during an online match in a mature rated game. Aside from the fact that young (10-15) kids shouldn’t be playing violent games dealing with mature topics, it’s just shocking to see the gamer culture that’s developed because of it.

I got my first real game at nine years old and it was Lego Star Wars. Over time my parents bumped it up to teen rated games when I became that age, and by the time I was 18, there was a process for getting me my first mature game. Because my parents held my hands and walked me up the ladder of maturity in games, I was able to handle it.

While gaming can have negative events and skills blamed on it, I choose to believe that video games were a big part in making me the man I am now, and if I had been exposed to the medium in any other way, I’d have turned out completely different.


Why Have Mobile Games Become So Popular?

The term “gamer” has changed a lot over the years, hasn’t it? And, because of that, we may be looking at a lot of different definitions associated with how it works and who is considered to be a gamer. That being said, mobile games are one of the big reasons that more people are considered gamers than ever before. Why have these become so popular and why are people interested in them all of a sudden?

Everyone has a mobile device of some sort

Accessibility has always been a big thing – whether you’re into PC gaming or console gaming, you know that it takes a bit of an investment to get involved in gaming at all. Nowadays, smartphones are more affordable than ever and apps are just as inexpensive, making it easy for anyone to try whatever games that they wish to try. This makes gaming that much more accessible.


They’re easy to learn

These games that are on mobile devices are usually pretty easy for us to learn. Whether we’re looking at a game like Candy Crush, where you’re matching 3 of a kind, or you’re looking at something more complicated like a hidden object game, you’ll find that the rules are usually relatively simple to hold onto. That’s that much different than other things like MMO’s and first person shooters, which take a lot more practice.

They can suck you in

We’ve all heard that mobile games are addictive – and they really are! They get us excited about what we’re doing, get us involved in our gaming and make us that much more “into” what we’re doing. The addictive nature of mobile games is definitely a big part of their success and, as more apps come out, it’s really not surprising that they continue to suck us in and keep us engaged for the long haul. There’s so many games out there that you’re sure to find something that can suck you in and keep you engaged and excited for hours upon hours.


They’re great for people of any age group

No matter how old or young that you may be, you will find that there are likely a handful of mobile games that are catching your attention. That’s because the games and apps that are being developed are diverse and are for pretty much anyone and everyone. From toddler games that focus on matching and ABC’s, to logic puzzles and crosswords that your grandma can enjoy, there’s plenty of mobile games for each of us to choose from.

Mobile games come in many flavors and there really is a lot to be said about how they work and what it is that we can do with them. More often than not, you’re looking at a lot of different styles of games that you may want to try and enjoy yourself. Find out what’s going on in the world of mobile games and see why it makes sense that people are trying them out for themselves.


Are Online Board Games the Next Frontier?

Board games are so much more than Monopoly, and the world of hobby gaming is one that is starting to thrive and expand like never before. And, as time goes on, it’s interesting to see just how many people are getting into hobby board gaming and what it has to offer people.

But, if you’ve been into PC gaming or mobile gaming for any amount of time, you’ve likely started to see that there are now a number of apps and software that are based on board games of all sorts. From Monopoly, to Catan, and even to heavier strategy games like Scythe, board games are getting a piece of the PC gaming world. Is this the next frontier? Here are some reasons why that may be so.


Many people don’t have the income to purchase full board games, but they can afford apps

The fact is, a lot of people have mobile devices and PC’s, but they may not have much disposable income beyond that. Hobby gaming can get pricey as time goes on, and there are people who are looking to enjoy hobby gaming without spending too much cash. That’s one reason why more people are looking for and getting digital board gaming apps.

The technology is getting better so that we can play board games online

Technology is always getting better and, with technologies like virtual reality and apps that can work just as well as high tech PC games, it’s not surprising that digital board games have really been getting a lot of traction lately.

It helps people to get excited about what these have to offer and it makes it that much easier for us to deal with the physics of board games, too.

The board game industry is growing and expanding

If you take a look at board games, there are new ones coming out all of the time, and it can be hard to keep up if you’re a hobby gamer. But, as more games come out, that allows companies that make apps to do a lot of work and see what they are able to do with their apps. As the board game industry grows, it’s really not surprising that demand will grow for digital versions too.


There are more board game apps coming out all of the time

This is a direct result of the previous point. More games equals more apps, which means that there is that much more for us to choose from when it comes to finding the digital games we enjoy.

Maybe it’s not the future of PC and mobile gaming, but board games are definitely getting a piece of the pie when it comes to apps and what they have to offer. It’s going to be interesting to see how many more board games get digital adaptations and how long it may take in order for more PC gamers to be enjoying board games as a part of their digital gaming experience.


Why World of Warcraft is Still the Most Popular MMORPG

Those of us who have been in the PC gaming world for a while know that World of Warcraft is a spectacle to behold. This game, known as a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG for short), connects people from all over the world into realms, where they can join guilds and take down monsters while pretending to be Elves, Dwarves, Werewolves, humans, Goblins, Orcs, and other fantastical creatures.

Other MMORPG’s have come and gone over the years, but World of Warcraft (WoW) has stuck around and stays pretty solidly as the best MMORPG. Why is this the case? Here are a few theories.


It has been consistent in producing content

While there are some delays from time to time, Blizzard (the parent company) has been fairly consistent in producing content for the game. A new expansion comes out every 20 to 26 months (depending on the expansion and other projects), and there’s always new and interesting things for people to do.

They have the capital to back up their content

It only takes a little bit of research to see that Blizzard-Activision makes some pretty big bank on World of Warcraft and the other games that they are producing on a regular basis.

Having the capital to back up what they’re doing is definitely a big part of their success, and while there are fewer people playing WoW than there used to be, there’s still a big population and people are logging in fairly regularly so that they can enjoy what Blizzard has to offer them in WoW.

They were one of the first ones to get started

One of the reasons that WoW has gotten such good traction is that they’re one of the first. Much like Magic the Gathering in the Collectible Card Game space, the first is most often the best, no matter what that looks like in that context. It was the first game to really try this whole system of making these things work and there’s a lot to be said about that. While it’s taken them awhile to really get the model down, it has gotten much better and


Their story is interesting and engaging

If you’ve ever looked at the history and lore behind World of Warcraft, you’ve likely been quite confused by just how much there is to look at with the whole process. The story draws you in, gets you engaged, and helps you to be that much more interested in what’s going on with the characters and the plot – and that can go a long way when it comes to keeping people involved in the game.

World of Warcraft is not going to be around forever, but it’s a solid MMORPG that has been around for over 15 years and counting. With these factors and more, it’s not surprising that WoW continues to have a lot of nostalgia for many people and it really is something that has become engrained in PC gaming culture.